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Academic Suspension Appeal Letter

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    If you have been suspended from school or college, it is more likely that the learning institution gives you a chance to appeal. Appealing in person is one of the best decisions that may make the institution reverse the decision. In that case, you may write an academic suspension appeal letter with the right format as below.

    Express your feelings about the dismissal

    Inform the reader that the news of your dismal surprised you upon your realization of the long-term impact they had on your life. Show your reader how you love your learning institution and you do not like to imagine yourself in a different learning institution.

    Causes of the mistake

    Explain to your reader what caused the mistake that saw the institution decide to expel you. Let them see it was not your fault. Convince the reader that you are ready to change for better. Be convincing to make them think about your request.

    Be positive

    Express your optimism that the institution will change their decision and re-instate you back to school.

    Sample Academic Suspension Appeal Letter

    Andrew Kelly,
    St. James Avenue,
    543, Minnesota,

    The  Principal,
    Best Grades College,
    7586, Minnesota,

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    REF: Appeal For Academic Suspension

    I am writing this letter to appeal against the academic dismissal that was sent to me on (give date). The dismal caught me by surprise considering the mistake that it resulted from. I hereby request that you reinstate me from next semester.

    I love best grades college and I would not wish to study from a different school. I request you to reconsider your move to dismiss me. I promise that this will not happen again.

    I know that I went against the college rules by (state the mistake that you did). I do not intend to make any excuses for the mistake and I highly regret my misconduct. Kindly allow me to continue with my studies from next semester.

    I will be glad if you consider my request. Thank you in advance.

    Yours Sincerely,
    Andrew Kelly

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