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  • How To Write A Sponsorship Letter For A Visa
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    Do you know how to write a sponsorship letter for a visa? The letter to sponsor a visa must include significant information about the person being invited, including but not limited to:
    • The full legal name of the person who would receive the visa
    • The visa recipient’s date of birth
    • The current individual’s address and phone number
    • Why the person is being invited
    • Your relationship to the individual
    • How long the person will be in the country, and specific arrival and departure dates
    • Information on where the person will stay and how living expenses will be paid

    As the sponsor, you will need to provide information about yourself, as well. This information includes:
    • Your full legal name
    • Your date of birth
    • Your address and phone number
    • Your legal status, such as legal resident or American citizen

    Visa invitation letters are usually sent by relatives or very close associates. More distant relationships may cause concern with the consulate; in these cases, an invitation letter for a visitor visa sent by the inviter is recommended.

    Sending a letter to the consulate isn’t enough. For those seeking to sponsor a visa recipient, you will need to fill out a notarized Affidavit of Support, form I-134. You will be required to include documentation such as a copy of your bank account statement, copies of your tax returns and proof of employment.

    If you are a visa holder yourself, you are required to include a copy of your visa. Green card holders (legal residents) must provide a copy of the Green card, while citizens must show proof of citizenship. A copy of your passport is also required.

    Legal proof of the relationship is required. If you are sponsoring your parents on a visa, a copy of your birth certificate is required. If inviting your spouse’s parents, a copy of the spouse’s birth certificate is required.

    It is recommended that you describe how the person will be supported when in the country and how living expenses will be paid to avoid confusion. In the case of longer term visits, proof of the ability to support the visa holder is actually mandatory.

    Example Of Sponsorship Letter For A Visa

    Date: 01/02/2015
    1234 House Street
    Dallas, Texas USA

    Work phone number
    Home phone number
    Email address

    To: Visitor’s name
    Visitor’s legal address

    Dear Mom,

    We are inviting you to visit us in the United States for six months so you can enjoy your new grandson. During your stay, you will live with us in our home.

    I will be taking care of your expenses in the United States, including airfare, domestic travel and medical insurance.

    Enclosed in this letter are all the documents required for you to get a tourist visa from the consulate in XYZ.


    Your Son

    Do not forget to include all necessary financial and legal documents with the sponsorship letter, so that the letter and the included forms can be used to secure the visa. It is wise to list the documents enclosed with the sponsorship letter in the letter itself so that the visitor can verify that they have everything prior to arriving at the consulate.

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