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  • How To Write A Termination Letter To Landlord
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    If you are reading this article, you want to know how to write a termination letter to landlord or whomever you are renting property from. A termination letter may say that you are leaving on a specific date regardless of the duration of the lease.

    However, unless there is proof that the property is uninhabitable such as a lack of heat in the winter or no running water, your termination letter to the landlord without sufficient notice per the lease you signed may cost you your deposit.

    A termination letter to a landlord is wise if you are moving out due to utility shut off or violence in the neighborhood that is arguably an unsafe living arrangement. A termination letter can be sent when you seek to move out before the lease is over, such as when you need to move on short notice for work.

    However, you want to notify the landlord as far in advance as possible to improve the odds of receiving an amicable termination and return of your deposit. Dropping off a termination letter that screams “I can’t take this anymore, that person’s music drives me crazy, I quit!” before fleeing the premises doesn’t allow you to claim your deposit and can leave you on the hook for at least that month’s rent.

    When writing a termination letter to a landlord, include your forwarding address and contact information. The landlord may need to send you a bill for clean up of the property, want to notify you of utility deposits or bills received after your departure or send legal forms.

    Sample Termination Letter To Landlord

    Tenant’s Name
    Tenant’s Address

    Dear Landlord / Property Manager Name,

    This letter is formal notice that we will be unable to fulfill the lease agreement we signed, effective until (end of lease date).

    The reason for terminating the lease agreement is as follows: (your reason)

    We will be vacating the premises at (tenant address) no later than (termination date by tenant).

    Our forwarding address is:
    New address for tenant

    Please contact us if you need any additional information. Our phone number is (your phone number).

    Tenant Name

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