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  • Parental Consent Letter Template
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    Consent letters from parents authorize a child to participate in a variety of activities, allow caregivers to transport children to and from specified locations and even allow a chaperone or relative to take a child out of the country.

    A parental consent letter template creates a standardized parental consent form for each parent while allowing to be legally personalized to each family’s situation.

    Parental Consent Letter Template For School Activities

    I, _________, do grant / do not grant my child, _________, permission to participate in activity, __________, to be undertaken at ________.

    Signature of Parent Date of Signature
    Parent’s full legal name

    In the case of this parental consent letter template, the parental consent is unique to each child’s name. And the same letter can be re-used to give permission for the same child to participate in math/science club and the soccer team. The same form can be used at all schools in the district, since the school location filled in at the end is blank.

    Parents retain their right to deny permission for the child to join in the activity, simply by signing the “do not grant” permission. Some templates simply have “do/do not” in the consent letter template.

    Consent Letter From Parents For Transportation By School

    I, ______, grant my child, _______, give / do not give my consent for my child to visit _____ on date _______.

    Signature of Parent Date of Signature
    Parent’s full legal name

    Templates are useful because they are infinitely re-usable. Fill out the same template with a different venue and date each time. Parents don’t have to draft a letter each time they want to withhold permission for an activity.

    However, schools and caregivers are obligated to hold a child back from the activity if the parent denies permission. If permission is withheld and the child is sent on despite a consent letter that has “permission not granted” selected, the school becomes culpable.

    Sample Consent Letter Template For Parents Travelling With Minor

    I, _______________, do hereby give permission for our child, __________, to travel with _____________ for the period of ___ days and out of the country to ____________.

    Signature of parent
    Legal name of parent legibly printed

    Notary information

    Consent letter that permit a child to travel out of the country with a chaperone may be personalized or they may be filled out templates. In the case of a filled out template, it must be notarized and/or witnessed in accordance with local laws in order for it to be accepted by customs officials.

    Multiple copies of the parental consent letter template should be filled out and notarized, since they may be retained by the airline in addition to customs officials.