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  • Notarized Letter Of Consent To Travel
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    A notarized letter to consent to travel is necessary for any child to travel outside of the country with a guardian, chaperone or even one of the two biological parents. The notarized letter of consent to travel must have both parents’ notarized signatures, if both parents are still living.

    If the child has only a single living parent or single guardian due to divorce or adoption, then only the single guardian’s or parent’s signature is required. If you have sole custody, officials will likely require proof of sole custody. However, that one signature must still be notarized.

    The notarized letter of consent to travel is not sufficient in and of itself. The parents or chaperone must have identification for the child, such as a birth certificate or passport. These documents confirm the identity of the child as the one identified in the letter of consent to travel.

    Notarized letters of consent to travel are not simply the purview of those looking to send their child on a class trip to Europe or one parent taking the child to visit relatives in the homeland. A travel permission letter is required if the child will be leaving American jurisdiction in situations as mundane as stepping off an American cruise ship for an afternoon in a Mexican port before getting back on the ship.

    You can and should have several copies of a notarized travel letter, since border officials may ask for a copy of the letter and then keep it. In addition to the consent to travel document, it is wise to have a medical treatment authorization letter as well.

    Consent Letter For Travel With A Chaperone

    Parent’s Name
    Parents’ Address
    Phone Numbers

    Parent Consent Form

    Date: 01/05/2015

    I, (parent’s name), am the parent or guardian of (child name), and I do hereby give permission for our child, (child name), to travel with (chaperone) for a period of X days and out of the country to (destination).

    Subscribed and sworn to me this X day of Month, 2015

    Notary signature and notary public information here

    Sample Notarized Letter Of Consent To Travel

    To whom it may concern;

    We, (full mother name) and (father’s name), are the lawful guardians of our child, (full child name), born on 03/01/2003, passport number 987654321, travelling to location (destination).

    We consent for our child to travel to (destination), departing on dd/mm/yyyy and returning on dd/mm/yyyy.

    Any questions can be directed to me at:

    Full Name of Parent
    City, State, Zip
    Phone Number


    Parent’s Full Name

    Notary information and stamp will be in this area.