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  • Letter To Embassy For Tourist Visa
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    A letter to embassy tor tourist visa should include your full contact information, should they need to ask you further questions.

    Describe the type of visa for which you are applying, such as a tourist visa. For tourist visas, describing how expenses will be covered is not necessary unless you are asking for an extended visit for several months. The letter should give a general description of what you will be doing.

    The visa letter must be accompanied by the proper visa application form, including a passport sized picture. The picture may need to be taken at a consulate or at an authorized passport photography location. Many nations require a copy of your passport, while some require proof of employment and leave.

    They may want copies of bank account statements and paychecks as proof of income. It is common for them to require proof of plane tickets or other forms of booked travel to show that you have a planned departure date, instead of coming on a tourist visa and then trying to stay illegally in the country after arrival. Hotel booking reservations may or may not be required. Travel insurance information is rarely needed.

    Sample Letter To Embassy For Tourist Visa

    Date: 12/23/15
    Embassy/Consulate of Country: Country Name
    Visa Section

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I would like to apply for a tourist visa for your country. I would like to spend a holiday from start date to end date. My primary destination is your capital city, XYZ. My entry point will be the international airport in the capital.

    My purpose for travel is tourism. I will spend most of the time in the capital but will also visit art exhibits and festivals in the surrounding towns.

    I am employed at (company name), located in (city), (state), (country). I have already received paid time off for this trip.

    Please find the following documents enclosed to support my visa application. Please contact me if anything is missing or if you require anything further.

    Signed: Your Name

    You may or may not want to list the documents attached to the letter requesting the visa. This can act as a check list for the person processing the visa to ensure that all required forms are there.

    You should include your contact information below your signature line so that they can call you if something is wrong, such as if the wrong visa form was used or if the picture is not acceptable.

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