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  • How To Write A Consent Letter For Travel
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    A consent letter for travel is required if a child is travelling with someone other than the biological parents and isn’t traveling with both. If a child under eighteen is traveling out of the country with someone other than their parents, they must have consent to travel letter from both biological parents.

    The only exception is when the child has only one biological parent or legal parent, as can occur after divorce, adoption or death of the other parent.

    A consent letter for travel is usually required if the child is traveling with one parent but not both biological parents. These letters are used to protect parents from the kidnapping of children to a foreign country without the consent of the other parent, essentially baring the parent still in the U.S. from seeing the child.

    Consent to travel letter is necessary for a minor to board an international flight, cruise or other carrier in the company of anyone other than both parents. The only exceptions are cases where a minor is travelling alone, such as a 17-year-old boarding a bus across the Canadian border or going on a Spring Break trip with friends.

    It is up to the transportation company to accept or reject the travel letter; the parent signatures on the consent to travel letter should be notarized so that it will be accepted as valid.

    Some nations permit the consent to travel letter to be witnessed by anyone who has reached the age of majority, but it is best to have the consent letters notarized.

    Consent Letter For Travel With One Parent

    Parent’s Name
    Parents’ Address
    Phone Numbers

    Parent Consent Form

    Date: 01/05/2015

    I, (parent’s name), am the parent or guardian of (child name), and I do hereby give permission for our child (child name) to travel with (other parent’s name) for a period of X days and out of the country to (destination).

    Subscribed and sworn to me this X day of Month, 2015

    Notary signature and notary public information here

    Example Of Letter Of Consent To Travel

    To Whom It May Concern;

    We, (full mother’s name) and (full father’s name), are the lawful guardians of our child, (full child’s name), born on 02/01/2001, passport number 123456789, travelling to location (destination) under the supervision of (transportation company name) staff.

    We consent for our travel to (destination), departing on xx/xx/xxxx and returning on xx/xx/xxxx.

    Any questions can be directed to me at:

    Full Name of Parent
    City, State, Zip
    Phone Number


    Parent’s Full Name

    Notary information and stamp will be in this area.